Thursday, August 21, 2008

Natural Textile Dying

About six months ago, I purchased a book called 'Eco Colour' by India Flint. I read through it enthusiastically, and became excited when I learned more about using natural dyes from nature. However, after reading it, I placed it on my bookshelf.

It was such an amazing and inspiring book. And it had loads of fantastic photos with the coolest dyed fabric. I wanted to begin experimenting with cold bundles and hapa-zome eco prints immediately. However, I had other projects that needed my attention. I decided to wait until summer vacation.

Summer vacation came, and has nearly gone. But today I managed to make time to play around with cold bundling, using onion skins and a silk scarf that I made from a kimono. I was aware brown onion skins could be used to dye fabric, however I didn't know red onion skins could be used. I also didn't know about cold bundling.

Below are a few photos of the process.

Collecting the onion skins.

Laying the skins out on the scarf.

Bundled! Now the wait begins! I'll check it in a month and post the results.


Robyn said...

Very interesting! I have been wondering about India Flint's book. Only this week I was experimenting with brown onion skin dye but I think I need to read up about it because it was very pale. Looking forward to seeing the results in a months time.

Jo Horswill said...

Funny you should mention "India Flint" I was admiring a dress she created the other mesmerized by the dyed cloth, fragmented pieces and hand stitch...beautiful piece.
Looking forward to seeing your scarf!

Cicada Studio said...

I'll be interested to see how this turns out! I love onions, so there's plenty to be found in my kitchen. My son would probably enjoy the "reveal".

Thanks for commenting on my blog the last few days.
appreciate your dropping in!

Hollabee said...

This looks really interesting...I'm so impatient...but I'll wait till you reveal the result ;)

tumbleweed said...

found your site by accident....i'll now rummage around for more stories.. hope the scarf turned out well for you
best wishes